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Sacred Space: The Wisdom of the Body workshop, June 24

Ben and I are excited to be returning to the group space in June with an afternoon workshop, dedicated to unveiling and exploring the Wisdom of the Body.

When we tune in to our bodies and our physical landscape, we open the door to profound discoveries and opportunities for healing. The body keeps the score and when we allow it to release what no longer serves us, and open itself up to play, celebration and flow, we experience a wholeness so often lacking in our everyday lives, so heavily led by the mind and constant “doing”.

Emerging from some of the most important and life-changing weeks getting to know baby Sasha, and having developed a new and ever-evolving relationship with my own body, it feels like a ripe time to explore the wisdom we hold within the physical self, allowing sacred time to be rather than do, flowing together in curiosity and fun, and uncovering the many ways in which true embodiment can help us navigate our lives and relationships with more intuition, awareness and love.

Over the four hour workshop we will explore:

  • dance and movement
  • friendship, sharing and guided meditation
  • boundaries and relating through the body
  • our energetic field
  • a deeper relationship with our unique physical compass

… and much more as the group magic unfolds. There will also be some cacao shots and snacks to keep us nourished and energised.

The group will take place at the beautiful Reva Yoga, a bright, warm and sacred space which holds this work so well. Sasha will be joining us, offering his own unbounded self expression.

No experience of anything is needed, just bring yourselves and open hearts and minds.

Spaces are limited; tickets cost £50 (£37 for early birds until May 22).) and can be booked via Eventbrite.

If you have any questions, get in touch via and I will be happy to connect.

With love

Xochi + Ben x

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