Marne O’Shae, MD, is a board certified American Board of Family Medicine integrative family medicine physician who treats patients from birth to the end of life.

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Marne O'Shae, M.D.

Marne O'Shae, M.D.

Dr. O’Shae earned her medical degree at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. She completed her residency at Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington, Vt., where she specialized in family medicine. Dr. O’Shae, who grew up in Orchard Park, earned her bachelor’s degree in theater and dance from SUNY Buffalo.

A folk, jazz, and rock singer, Dr. O’Shae performs locally with the band, The Tarps. She is president of the board of the Foundation of Light and a member of Tikkun V’Or and BNI Thumbs UP Ithaca.

Dr. O’Shae lives in Ithaca with her husband, Ira Kamp, DDS. Together, they share four children. Her mother, Ruth Moleski, and her sister, Hilda Moleski, also live in Ithaca.

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Family practice doctors provide care to people of all ages. These generalists treat chronic conditions, evaluate symptoms, offer preventative care, and let people know when they need to see a specialist. Family practice doctors often work in private office settings or with a group of other family practice doctors.

While both a family medicine physician and internal medicine physician fall into the category of “primary care physician,” internal medicine physicians only care for adults, while a family medicine doctor can see both children and adults.

Family physicians treat patients of all ages. Family medicine doctors treat the largest variety of patients at all ages and stages of life. And like OB-GYNs and certified nurse-midwives, family doctors can provide Pap tests, prenatal care and other women’s health services. A family practice doctor is perfectly capable of caring for pediatric patients, administering well-child visits and vaccinations, and providing care for illnesses, injuries, and other disorders. 

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Family doctors treat more than you think. They can treat acute situations such as sinus infections and injuries. They can help you throughout a pregnancy. They also can perform minor surgical procedures, such as freezing a wart or draining an abscess.

and imaging. You can use their online portal to see your electronic medical records and results in a fast and timely fashion. Go Cayuga Medical Center Patient Portal sign in and there will be prompts to help you create an account. 

Fill out form online, it can be faxed or burned onto a CD and mailed to you. If you want a hard copy there is a fee.

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